People are afraid to really express who they are. -Steve Hardison

There’s something you want to create in the world. A problem you want to solve. A mission you must do. But here’s the problem…

You secretly struggle with this problem yourself.

You want to help new mothers shed their baby weight, but you’re not at your perfect weight.

You want to help entrepreneurs build wealth but you’re not a multimillionaire.

You want to help professionals prone to burnout, but stress sometimes gets the best of you.

You want to help couples have a thriving relationship, but you’re currently single.

You think you can’t help others because you’re not “there” yet. You haven’t proven yourself yet. You haven’t done this for long enough.

Your Way of Being

Is the world’s best tennis coach also the best tennis player? Is he/she better than the players he/she coaches? No.

Does a scientist have to have suffered from cancer to want to find a cure for cancer? No.

Does a child have to have talent and be perfect before they can learn how to do something? No.

Maybe you really do need to upgrade your knowledge and skill set. Maybe you do need more experience. Maybe you need to master the basics before you feel competent enough.

There’s something that you have that doesn’t need books, training or anything else. It’s your way of being. Your voice, your personality, opinions and values. Your experiences, successes and failures. All of you. Including your quirks, idiosyncrasies and weaknesses. Your way of being.

There may be ten thousand voices in your space. They may all be saying the same thing. Maybe what you have to say is no different from everybody else. It’s not what you say that matters as much as how you say it. There is somebody out there waiting to hear your voice – because only then will it land for them.

You don’t have to be perfect or at the top of the mountain, you have to be yourself.

If you’re ready to become more of who you truly are, then let’s chat! I’d be happy to help.


Published by Zen Mindset

I have a passion for positive psychology, hypnosis and anything that helps people improve the quality of their mindset, and their lives.

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